About Us

I want to share with you who I am. Why? My guess is the last thing you want at your wedding is a stranger behind the camera. It's a very intimate day so I want to share with you from my heart.

Franca, the love of my life (and wifey) and I live in Sugar Land, Texas. We're very involved with our friends and with our local church. You can meet Franca here:  MEET MY FRANCA!

What you'll view there, as you're introduced to Franca, is what I call my Barefeet Production. You can show that at your reception. Your guest will absolutely love it!

I am a pioneer in this industry, not a follower. While everyone else (and I do mean everyone) is doing cinematic videos I'm doing...hmmm...Robmatic?

What sets me apart from the herd? At the top of that list would be my Passion. Next on the list? I care. What! A pro who actually cares? Yep, this is my art and I fall in love with what I get to do for you.

I was a filmmaker outside the wedding industry. As I came in and established my style with weddings, I intentionally looked away from viewing what other video companies were doing at the time. I wanted to bring my own unique personality & vision into this market without the influence of others. And I did just that.

Everything we offer you is unique and, in my humble opinion, far superior in quality! We were given the coveted "Brides' Choice" award our second year in business! Yay! And we've received that same award every year since, along with Best of Weddings every year from The Knot.

I think I'm the luckiest guy in town! I mean, I get to capture love while having all the free chocolate cake I want! You will have chocolate cake, right?

My approach is different. We get to know you and your family. Oh and the LAST thing I want to be called is a darn "vendor". I know, I know, that's what I am, a vendor. But I don't wanna be! I honestly don't relate to this as my business as much as I simply relate to being your eyes on your wedding day. Just call me Uncle Rob!

My work is from Passion. It "Moves". It's Real. It's Simple. It's Elegant. It's "Reality TV-ish". Each piece is a unique celebration of my bride and groom! We give you less FX and more REAL. Because when you watch it, I want you to feel like you're right there, reliving that amazing day.

I'm so very proud of my cameramen! They've adopted my vision and learned my style. We're like family. They've listened carefully and have learned well. I have my hands in all of the productions and editing work, and in some of the camera work. And I put my signature on each and every finished video that leaves my studio.

And you'll find that the job's not finished until you are hilariously satisfied with every piece I've created for you. It's an integrity thing with me every time I put my signature on a finished piece. Know what I mean?

As hokey as it might sound to you, I feel truly blessed to be a real part of your most important day. And my team and I hold it as such.

I reckon when the dust settles, the proof's in the pudding. Over 200 FIVE-STAR reviews! Awe shucks, thank you! Thank you!

Now if you're interested in knowing more about me personally and about my approach to my work, click here.





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