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Our Main Course

Love Story

A masterpiece movie of your big day


We bring your favorite photos to life

Our Side Dishes...


The story of your meeting & proposal

Daddy's Girl

A surprise dad will never forget

For all the Years

A surpise thanks to mom & dad


"Highlight" film to load on your phone

Thru Mom's Eyes   

Your story, thru mom's eyes

Thru Our Eyes lets your mom and/or dad tell the story of their little girl from baby to now. We incorporate childhood photos. Very touching. This is a gift to you from your folks. We'll meet with your mom or dad or both before the wedding to film this side dish.

Take a peek below at what you'll get. Beyond delivering to you 5 beautifully labeled DVD's we'll also build you your own custom website to show off your video productions to your friends and family. My couples LOVE this feature...