We're Different

That's what I often hear from brides and grooms who search and find us. "You're refreshingly different"!

We are. And it's by no mistake. I entered this industry years ago, bringing my unique art and passion to the table. I've pioneered my style and everyone loves it! Shhh don't tell the other guys!

Here are some differences between us and 97.4% of the other video guys out there…


With Us

With Them

We're in love with what we do and what we create for you.

It's a job… "next"!

 One package, one price. And it has it all! No games, gimmicks or hidden fees.

 Multiple packages and it's often confusing trying to figure out what you're NOT getting with what package. 

 We give you unlimited camera time on your wedding day. Start to finish.

 Unlimited is unheard of. You have to choose your time slots and pay accordingly.

 When it's all done, a 45 to 60 minute movie production is what you'll get.

 You'll get a 6 to 12 minute video. That's it! I know, I know, don't hate the messenger! :o)

 Our work is filled with color and sounds from those you love. You'll hear what grandma says, what your guests say. You'll re-experience the energy and love in the air!

 Cinematic. That's what you'll get . The "feel", and the energy are lost as music is dubbed over virtually everything. Filled with slow mo & special FX? Anybody can do that!

 We'll build you your own custom website to show off your videos to your friends and family and guests. My brides and grooms love this! We'll host it for free for one full year.

 Web what? Unheard of.

We'll give you 5 professionally labeled DVD's to share with your family.

 One. Yes, just one.

 You can also order Barefeet, an 8-minute video story of how you two met. You can show this at your reception. Your guests will fall in love with both of you!

 Umm. Slideshow? Maybe?